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All you need to know about 1 to 24 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits, Types, and Condition

The world has to change with the spiritual term too. Many spiritual people like to wear rudraksha mala to keep themselves pure. Of course, one should wear it as it comes with a lot of privileges. The string of beads should be tied together with the total count of 108 or above, representing Bindu. Rudraksha benefits can help you in several areas.

Also, many hippie culture people wear it like a piece of normal jewelry, but they are endless when it comes to its benefits.

What is a Rudraksha?

Seeds of Elaeocarpus ganitrus are known as a rudraksha. These seeds play an important role to those who are seeking spiritual peace in their life. Buy Rudraksha online from any of the government-certified organizations from where you get original and certified Rudraksha.

Rudraksha Mala 7 Mukhi (Indonesia)

What are the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha?

Let’s take the closer look at the benefits of rudraksha mala, which protect us from several mishappenings. You might take it lighter, but it has hidden gems that are invaluable.

  1. Safeguard: Rudraksha beads act as a safeguard for the wearer; it protects the wearer from the negative energies. Wearing a rudraksha mala brings positivity within you and keeps all the negative vibes away from you.
  2. Active personality: A person who are always on the go mode, this bead mala is an idea for you. This mala offers you its support and protects you by creating a shield around you. The wearer of rudraksha mala feels active throughout the day and agile.
  3. Safe food & water consumption: With the help of a rudraksha mala, you can determine whether the food and water are safe for your consumption or not. Hold the mala above the food; when it rotates in the clockwise direction, it is safe for your consumption; if it moves in the anticlockwise direction, food lacks nutrients value. Moreover, above the water, hold the mala if it moves in the clockwise direction; it is safe for drinking; if it makes moves in an anticlockwise direction, it is not safe for drinking.
  4. A mukhi strong effect: A one Mukhi Rudraksha mala has a strong effect on the wearer, thus wearing it under the guidance of an expert because it makes you feel isolated. Astrologer consultant is important while wearing this type of Rudraksha.
  5. Health benefits: A five Mukhi Rudraksha mala has numerous wearers from all age groups. It creates a calming effect on the wearer’s body by balancing the blood pressure and nervous system.
  6. Children development: It creates a positive effect on children, especially on their development part as it increases their concentration level on the studies.
  7. Purity in life: Want to find the purity of life? Wear a rudraksha mala which brings a significant amount of purity to your life.
  8. Positive impact: While doing prayers or meditation, keep a rudraksha mala on your hand or wear it because it will offer you positivity within you.
  9. Skin benefits: To get relief from the skin diseases or wounds, wear a rudraksha mala. Also, you can keep the mala in drinking water overnight. The next day in the morning, wear the water on an empty stomach.
Ratanrashi Rudraksha Collection

Who can wear Rudraksha?

Irrespective of age, gender, caste, religion, color, etc., anyone can wear Rudraksha. Be it an old age person or children, and it has a positive effect on the wearer. Ill people can also wear it to cure their diseases and heal their bodies. Wear a Rudraksha mala original which heals all your sentiments and wounds.

How to condition a rudraksha mala, and how often?

Condition it with ghee (clarified butter) and full-fat milk. First, dip it in ghee for 24 hours. Then dip it in full-fat milk for extra 24 hours. Later wash it with water only and wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Remember, do not use any cleaning chemicals or soap.

Types of Rudraksha

Numerous types of Rudraksha have their healing properties and benefits for the wearer. Such as one Mukhi, two Mukhi, three mukhi, four mukhi, five Mukhi, etc. To wear these rudraksha mala, the wearer has to chant mantras and purify them. Also, you can take advice from an online astrology consultant who provides you the right type of Rudraksha according to your planets.

Final verdict on Rudraksha

There are several types of rudraksha jewelry available in the market, such as beaded mala, bracelets, etc. From a free astrology consultant, you can ask your type of Rudraksha, which helps prevent all negativity from your life. Astrologer Rudraksha Buy Online from a government-certified seller.

The best Rudraksha can prevent all your negativity and comes with a lot of benefits. It has all the qualities as per the type of Rudraksha.

These days many spiritual gurus also wear rudraksha mala all the time to maintain balance in their life. Rudraksha mala symbolizes lord shiva as we believe; he is the God who always wears beaded mala on his neck and hand. Wearing a rudraksha mala keeps you at peace.