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Why Do People Wear Gemstones? How to Buy, Wear, and Top 11 Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam)

You are going through tough times in your life. Your parents are worried and seek the help of a nearby astrologer consultant or an online astrology consultant app. After going through your Kundli, the astrologer recommends that you wear certain gemstones based on your Rashi. However, you refuse, saying that it is useless and only a way to earn easy money. What you forget is that millions of people worldwide worship and wear gems. Several people claim these rocks have turned their lives around for good. Therefore, there has to be some logic and truth behind wearing gems. In this post, we will briefly look at some reasons why people wear gemstones. We will look at some benefits of Blue Sapphire gemstones (Neelam) .  We will understand aspects you should consider when you decide to buy blue sapphire gemstones online. We will also look at some points to remember before wearing a Blue Sapphire.

Reasons Why People Wear Gemstones

Numerous gemstones like Sulemani Hakik, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald Gemstone, Pearl, Ruby, etc., are available today. They come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Every gem has its meaning and significance. Your choice of the rock should depend on what change you want in your life. For more information on the different types of gemstones and their importance, please visit www.ratanrashi.com.

Here are some reasons why people prefer wearing gems.

  1. It is not essential to master astrology. You can also attend a free astrology consultant class to understand that every gem represents a planet. Each rock draws positive vibrations from its planet and transfers them to a person’s body. You should wear a stone for the planet that is the weakest as per your birth chart. A gem is like medicine. The correct medication makes you feel better, and the wrong one makes you sicker.
  2. Gemstones take millions of years to form. They carry positive energies and unique healing properties that are good for physical and mental health. Their chemical structure benefits you when your skin absorbs the valuable chemicals. It is why these precious stones are used to treat many diseases in Ayurveda.

What is Blue Sapphire Gemstones?

The Blue Sapphire gemstone is arguably the strongest and quickest acting gem. It is governed by the mighty lord Saturn, who is considered to be the lord of justice. He is a strict disciplinarian and holds power to make or destroy lives. It is essential first to consult an astrologer consultant or an online astrology consultant before wearing a Blue Sapphire.

How to Buy and Wear a Blue Sapphire Gemstones?

Gems can affect you both in a good and a bad way. Also, some special rituals are performed to ensure these rocks work fine. Therefore, you should always take the help of an astrologer consultant. You should always buy a flawless Blue Sapphire from a certified gemstones merchant. If you plan to buy it online, always select genuine astrologer gemstones buy online service providers.

Please find listed below a few points to remember before and during wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone.

  1. If you wear a synthetic stone, it can do more harm than good. Therefore, ensure that you only buy and wear original Blue Sapphire gems. If you plan to buy Blue Sapphire gemstones online, ensure that you verify the seller’s credibility and legitimacy.
  2. The minimum weight of the Blue Sapphire gem should be 2 carats. You should always wear it in a Silver or Platinum ring. Avoid gold as it can reverse the positive effects and lead to negative consequences.
  3. You should only wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone on a Saturday and the middle finger of your hand.
  4. Before wearing the stone, you should soak it in cow milk and rose water to eliminate all negativity. To complete the procedure, burn 11 incense sticks and place them in a round position around the ring. You should sit facing the west direction as Saturn is the ruler of the west direction.
  5. Chant the Shani mantra 108 times before wearing the ring for positive benefits like sound health, luck, and wealth.

Top 11 Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstones (Neelam) Jewellery

Listed below are the top 11 benefits of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone Jewellery.

  1. Original Blue Sapphire gems are fast-acting. You can start feeling the positive effects within just one or two days after wearing them.
  2. A Blue Sapphire gemstone can show miraculous results even during Saturn transit periods like the Sade Sati. You can start feeling relieved instantly through a boost in your metabolism and energy.
  3. Wearing the right Blue Sapphire helps protect you against all dangers. Be it accidents, enemies, theft, jealousy, natural calamities, it can save you from all.
  4. A Blue Sapphire gemstone can help eliminate doubts and mental confusion. It allows you to have a clear thought process and make correct and accurate decisions.
  5. The Blue Sapphire gem can provide relief from tiredness and helps improve focus and concentration. It is beneficial for students and professionals working on strict timelines and under immense pressure.
  6. The Blue Sapphire stone helps calm your senses and keeps you level-headed and in control of situations. It helps to keep you free from depression, anxiety, and stress.
  7. The right kind of Blue Sapphire provides several health benefits. It helps treat digestion, stomach-related ailments, nerve-related pain, neurological disorders, etc. It helps you get rid of negative thoughts and unknown fears. Therefore, it is essential that you only buy Original Blue Sapphire gems.
  8. The Blue Sapphire gem provides a positive boost to your finances. It helps you earn more by opening up multiple sources of income and brings financial stability.
  9. Wearing a Blue Sapphire can help you earn name, fame, money, and a powerful reputation in society. It is beneficial for politicians and public figures who depend on public support to succeed.
  10. Blue Sapphire is perfect for people who are spiritually inclined. It helps improve the quality of meditation and assists in self-realization and introspection. It also possesses the power to balance the crown chakra, which results in the balancing of cosmic energies.
  11. The Blue Sapphire stone opens up your Ajna Chakra. The Ajna chakra opens up your pituitary gland, allowing you to become more imaginative and creative. It also helps you perfect your skills and knowledge and handle critical situations with ease.


The Blue Sapphire is one of the mightiest gemstones in Vedic astrology. If you wear the right one, it can help you earn name, fame, luck, and prosperity. It is crucial that you only buy Original Blue Sapphire gems. It is also critical that you take help from an astrologer consultant before wearing a Blue Sapphire.

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