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Significance of Gemstones in Celebrities life and the procedure to wear these gemstones

Gemstones are the most popular jewellery among everyone. It keeps attracting every other person towards it, either for the look or the price. Gemstones are the small piece of rocks that comes after a refining process. Purchase certified gemstones that have a strong effect on your body.

Before jumping into the procedure of wearing a gemstone, let’s discuss its other qualities. Not any random individual can pick a lucky gemstone to wear. Gemstones are suitable to person to person. Each gemstone has its strong effect on the wearer. Astrologer Gemstones Buy Online to bring positivity to your life.

Planetary gemstones are worn to get the benefits out of them. Gemstones should be worn as per the Vedic norms to reap its benefits. Below we have mentioned an easy procedure to wear gemstones according to Vedic rules. Metal, finger, and day have been briefed in the part which ease your problems. These are the fundamental rules of astrology.

Procedure to wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj (Yellow Gemstone)

  • Sapphire is the planetary stone of Jupiter. In astrological terms, Jupiter is Thursday. Wear sapphire on Thursday.
  • It should be worn in the morning between 5 to 9 am.
  • Embed the sapphire stone in yellow metal such as gold.
  • Men must wear it on their index finger or right hand. At the same time, a woman should wear sapphire stone either on the index finger of the right hand or left hand.
  • Buy gemstone online to wear in the pendants too.
  • Before wearing the stone, purify it either in raw cow’s milk or Ganga Jal. Dip the ring or pendant three times in raw cow’s milk or Ganga Jal.
  • After dipping it into the Ganga Jal or raw cow’s milk, chant the guru mantra 108 times in a row.

Procedure to wear Neelam or Blue Sapphire (Blue Gemstone)

  • Blue sapphire has the planetary effect of Shani, which is considered as Saturday. Thus, wear it on Saturday to bring good fortune.
  • Wear it during the sunrise time or sunset timings. Such as between 5 to 9 am or 5 to 7 pm.
  • Mount the blue sapphire in white metal, which is white gold & silver. Remember never to wear it in the gold medal.
  • Men must wear blue sapphire on the middle finger of their right hand. On the other hand, women can wear it on the middle finger of either left hand or right hand.
  • Wear it as a pendant.
  • Before wearing it, dip the pendant or ring in Ganga Jal or raw cow’s milk three times. It will purify the blue sapphire. After dipping it, chant the Shani mantra 108 times.

Procedure to wear Green Emerald or Panna (Green Gemstone)

  • Emerald signifies Buddhas, a planetary stone which means wear it on Wednesday.
  • Wear the stone between sunrise or sunset, i.e., 5 to 9 am or 5 to 7 pm.
  • Luckily, the emerald goes with every metal such as gold, silver, etc.
  • Men must wear it on their little finger of right hand whereas a woman wears it on the little left or right hand.
  • Purify the stone by dipping it three times either in Ganga Jal or raw cow’s milk.
  • Later, chant the mercury mantra 108 times while wearing the ring or pendant

Procedure to wear Pearl or Moti

  • Moti is the planetary stone of Chandra and the suitable day to wear is Monday.
  • Wear it at any time of the day, such as morning, sunset, or night
  • This stone is suitable on the little finger of the right hand for the men, while women can either wear it on the left or right hand.
  • Purify your pearl ring or pendant by dipping it into the raw cow’s milk or Ganga jail three times.
  • Chant Moon or Chandra mantra for 108 times while wearing it.

Beliefs of celebrities on Gemstones

Indeed, if you have a strong belief, then anything is possible. Similarly, celebrities also have strong faith in gemstones. Surprisingly, these gemstones change their life and turn them on the positive path. Those who are on the verge of their life take the Benefits of Gemstones. But before knowing the significance of gemstones, I heard it from our celebs.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Mr. Amitabh has worn a blue sapphire ring, which brings a great positive turn in his life. Earlier, he was facing business challenges, but on the advice of an Astrologer consultant he has worn, he made an entry with a great comeback.

2. Aishwarya Rai

Who doesn’t love this gorgeous woman? Being one of the most beautiful women on the earth doesn’t make you lucky. When she starts wearing a blue sapphire ring, her life comes up with an interesting phase.

3. Ajay Devgan

Ups and downs are part of human life; similarly, Ajay also played this stage when he wasn’t getting any success in his career. He starts wearing yellow sapphire in an iron ring; it looks like someone already got the Singham title.

Summing up

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