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Know all about Panna – Emerald Gemstone

Panna is known to be the vibrant and highly attractive gemstone.

Emerald the most attractive gemstone is much more in demand by the people who likes to wear gemstones.

The word ‘Emerald’ is taken from a Greek word named ‘Smaragdos’ it means green gemstone. In Hindi it is known as “Panna”.

It is known to be one of the most precious gemstone from other gemstones.

Panna is made up of with a famous mineral which is termed as Beryl family which consists of a combination of aluminum silicate and beryllium. It is made up of with a metal which is known as Chromium and this turns the Emerald’s colour to bluish green.

Healing properties of Emerald is very much popular all over the world.

This gemstone have earned  a lot of popularity because of its attractive green colour, commonly known as cold gem.

It is mostly used by the people for it’s astrological properties..

Emerald Sourcing

The Panna is a gemstone which indicates the planet “Mercury or Budhh”. It is worn by people for mental wellness and looks after the health benefits. It is also known as “Budh Ratna”.

Since old times Emerald’s jewellery was being worn by Royal families and high class people.

Everyone cannot afford a genuine and natural “Panna” as it’s price is very much high.

Emerald is a gemstone which is sensible to crack easily.

It is mostly produced in Colombia and Zambia.

Emerald is also commercially produced by Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Brazil.

Astrological benefits of emerald stone

Panna is known to be a gemstone  of love, compassion, forgiveness, truthfulness and fidelity.

It is a desirable gemstone for jewellery.

This gemstone enhances the astrological properties in a person such as intuitive, clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

It’s healing properties includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Emerald gemstone in Vedic astrology is  seen to be associated with the planet Mercury who is believed as a messenger of God.

An astrologer suggests to wear

Panna stone which is worn by a person  and the person can gradually see an increase in his/her creativity level in their own person wearing works, a person also develops better linguistic skills and artistic talents.

 A person wearing this gemstone is able to innovate in a more efficient manner, so if you want to work with great ideas you can be greatly benefited by this gemstone.

Astrologers says—

Emerald stone helps in handling speech related difficulties, allergies, nervous disorders, and respiratory ailments.

If you are suffering from any of these difficulties then you can wear this gemstone to overcome from all this troubles.

This gemstone can help a person in intellectual progress.

It helps a person to have a power of ability to understand life and it’s experiences.

An astrologer suggests if—

 A person who dreams of becoming a great orator and wants to have a comprehensible style of writing can wear a emerald panna stone and he/she can observe a improvement in their communication skills.

The emerald stone is said to be a connoisseur of love and relationship.

The Mercury which is known to be the ruling God of the “Panna” which can help a person to restore the affection in love-life.

 An astrologer suggests to

A pregnant woman wearing a Panna gemstone will not have to endure long hours of labor pain and can have a smooth delivery.

An Emerald gemstone  in a form of gift can bring many benefits to Gemini and Virgos.

This gemstone can help a person to increase focus and concentration on their  own work.

It is known to be the perfect gemstone for the people who works in the field of art.

Emerald stone has the ability to protect a person from negative person and his/her enemies.



Panna or the Emerald is considered by the astrologers—to be the best gemstone for people who are involved in business. This gemstone reduces the chances of loss in business  and it also helps a person to face with difficult situations.

This gemstone helps a person to remove emotional pain from the heart and it enables to take right decisions related with their work.