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Buy an original Sulemani Hakik Stone, Get Rid of all Negative Energies

If you think you are surrounded by negative energy and lack confidence and satisfaction in your life, then you need Sulemani Hakik, this stone will change your perception towards everything. As Original Sulemani Hakik or Agate stone has great healing powers and is very popular among astrologers. This stone is used for improving human life for ages and has the power of healing.

You should consult from an expert astrologer before wearing this stone. This stone believes to have some natural powers which will fill your life with positive energy and will also boost your confidence.

Apart from this, this Agate stone has the power to stimulate the digestive system. It is also beneficial to suffer from any of the following problems like gastric, eye infections, or stomach problems. Agate also helps in cleaning the lymphatic system and the pancreas.

Generally, this stone is worn either as garland or in silver ring.

Chemical Composition

Sulemani Hakik is a hexagonal crystal whose chemical formula is SiO2. It can be transparent as well as opaque. The specific gravity varies from 2.6-2.7.

Original Sulemani Hakik Colour Variations and its uses

Generally, it is found in six different colours and sizes each has its own importance and have their particular uses. For example, yellow Hakik mala is helpful if you have insomnia. On the other hand, black Hakik Stone is used for safety, bravery and success. It is the most common colour worn by people. It can be beneficial if you have any kind of allergies and is also worn by pregnant ladies as it protects new life from negativity.

Yellow Agate provides strength and courage. If you need spirituality as well as will power, then white Hakik Stone is for you. It also helps in self-realisation, boost inner mental peace and calm anxiety.

Anyone having problems like blood circulation, skin elements should use Red Hakik mala. Blue Hakik mala prevents nightmare and attract good luck.

Sulemani Hakik

Some fascinating facts and Benefits of Hakik Gemstones

  • Original Sulemani Hakik is suitable for your eyesight.
  • It absorbs rays of the sun for good health.
  • It is a healing stone and helps is a various physical disorder. It also helps with sexual problems.
  • It is trendy in Chinese culture as it is frequently used in Feng Shui.
  • This stone is also top-rated among Muslims
  • It helps you protect yourself from the evil eye.
  • Helps in improving concentration. A person wearing Sulemani Hakik is more focused and goal orientated.
  • Creates a perfect balance between heart and brain to improve judgements.

Astrologer Gemstones Buy Online

Original Sulemani Hakik Gemstone are extracted from Haridwar, near the banks of Ganga. They are the oldest gemstones that are used in jewellery. Its quality depends upon its size and colour. A bright and colour full online Sulemani Hakik stone price is of high quality. Always purchase high-quality Sulemani Hakik for your personal use. Just like any other gemstones, it should not be broken and used.

You can also wear Sulemani Hakik as a fashion trend.

Precautions must be taken before wearing this gemstone. It is always advisable to consult any astrologer before. It should be worn in the silver ring. And should be worn in the middle finger on Saturday even or as directed by the astrologer. Make sure to clean it with Ganga Jal and milk before wearing it.

Irani Sulemani Hakik is a substitute for the powerful gemstone. One can wear the same colour Sulemani Hakik as the colour of the main gemstone. If you are wearing it as a substitute, then no carta measure is necessary. But we still recommend Astrologer consultant before wearing any stones. As the free astrology consultant suggests, gemstones, after deep study of one’s kundali, are different for every person.

In astrology, each planet has its gemstone and astrologers recommend gemstone depending upon the condition of these planets.

How to identify a real Sulemani Hakik?

A original Sulemani Hakik can be identified through its texture and colour. A good quality Sulemani Hakik has to undergo various quality checks and is generally used in advanced technology to enhance the surface brightness.

Astrology consultant is purely based on mathematical calculations, and its effectiveness mainly depends on the quality of the stone. For genuine and certified stone, you can visit www.ratanrashi.com.

All our Agate gemstones are 100 % original which comes with our guarantee. They passed through various quality checks, which further ensures its durability. All our gemstones are naturally obtained and are not synthesized in any laboratory.